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Property Management Services 

Why work with Dan?

Supporting home owners who are looking for a local Property Management Service who can support them and ensure their home ownership and tenants are looked after.

  • Most day-to-day tasks are handled directly by Dan, but will leave some decisions or tasks to professional sub-contractors

  • All sub-contractors will be directly billed to the property owner

  • Home owners remain in full control of their property. The property manager (Dan) will make minor decisions, if the fix is with-in the negotiated relationship contract

  • We do not take on hundreds or rental units, meaning a property will always receive the attention that it needs, what the home owner (landlord) expects and what the tenant's can trust

Here's a more detailed outline of some of the services Dan can support and coordinate for your residential property.

Tenants: Tenant placement, screening, viewings, communication, transition planning lease  preparation and support.

Property: Preventative & Light maintenance (patch/paint, fixtures, filter service, etc.). Property clean-up (tenant turnovers, downsizing, pressure washing, carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, appliances, windows, etc.). Light landscaping (lawns, hedges, trimming, snow removal, etc.)Coordinate projects, renovations, maintenance, trades, contractors, permits, inspections, etc.


Maintenance: Monthly/quarterly/annual inspections. Smoke/CO detector testing, maintenance, replacement. Key exchange. Realty support for key boxes, signage placement, removals, servicing, etc. Interior & exterior maintenance, cleaning, snow removal, de-icing Packing/storage/dump support. Staging support. Open house pre-inspection, cleaning support.


Buying & Selling: Move-in/-out support and coordination. Locks & keys Pre-move-in/out support/inspections Inspection scheduling (home inspections, water/well/sewer/septic, etc.). Buyer support (moving/storage service support, appliance/furniture/misc. delivery coordination, set-up/staging, etc.).

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch with Dan so we can talk about your property needs.

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