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DLS is now supporting Annapolis Valley, NS with people-first Property Management Services.


DLS Hospitality can help you at your next event. From working with sponsors and vendors to large-scale event production. We are here to support you and bring your vision to life.

"We stumbled upon some fantastic people who were key in making this event run smoothly, and without them who knows how things would have turned out! ... Your knowledge and expertise is just what we needed! THANK YOU!!!!" - Sandra & Mike, December 2023

Design & Marketing Services

Website & eStore. Monthly retainers and hourly design & support work.

Flow Chart

The Basics $4,500+

You have an idea but need a plan to get things going online. This is the starting package for you.

  • We meet & chat

  • We learn your goals (simple or complicated)

  • You do not need any experience in website or social media

  • We help you understand the basics

  • We pick-up where you left off

  • Copywriting (with your direction, reviews & approval)

  • We build & link your website to all the other stuff (Social accounts, Google Busines, SEO etc.)

Construction Work

Marketing Support $1,250

Need a bit of everything? Building a solid foundation for your social media, marketing, graphic design, website or event is key. Having someone available to only focus on what you need is valuable.

  • Includes customized needs and supports for anything marketing related

  • 8 hours per month

Neon Hello

Design Work $100

Need a simple logo design & branding package developed?

Looking to create a flyer, press release, video, public service announcement or need help securing sponsorship?

We can help give you ONLY what you need.

Email Us

NOT INCLUDED: Sometimes some extra stuff needs to be done . You might need to set-up Ad Campaign, Google Ads, Meta Business Account, or a brand/product photoshoot is needed to have content for your website. We can discuss these details based on you individual needs. We DO NOT charge you for what you don't need.

NOT INCLUDED: An additional 10% sales commission will be applied to any event sponsorship or new business sales.

NOTE: The annual cost of your website domain name, SSL and hosting is billed annually (with a $25 admin fee). IF you have your own, cool, we will work with you to manage and maintain your website where it is now....or suggest options to you.

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